• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 02
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All the Words

You've placed your words in my head, now on it,
trying to cover my eyes, guide my view,
but I look out from underneath the edge
I can see through your efforts
even if the wall of words blocks my vision
now and then.
You will not succeed in shaping my mind into yours.
Those words you have poured into me,
they may have clouded my brain momentarily,
but like the bent words of the funnel hat of news
you have pushed upon me,
the loss of my own view is only temporary.
I am crossing my arms against you now.
I've set my lips, poised to find my own words,
words that do not echo you,
words from parts of me you have not reached.
My glow will not be dimmed.
I will be heard, with my own words,
shaped, spoken from deep within.