• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 07
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All the strangers I’ve met in shops

Is that a thing? Do other people also find strangers they meet in shops attractive? Like I saw this man in the pottery store the other day and obviously he was hot. They are all hot in there, in the shops! He was picking some china plates when I happened to pass by him. He looked up. Our eye contact lived for two heavenly seconds and I sensed my cheeks burning. His lips had curled into that general courtesy smile which is meant to be smiled in case of meeting the eyes of a stranger. I walked to the billing counter and realized I was beaming all this while when the lady behind the counter smiled back at me. My cheeks burnt further. I felt stupid. But when I left the shop, I was still smiling anyway.

Are they really that attractive? Or is it just the outcome of me over consuming the popular notion of romance? We have all seen scenes like these in the movies. Sure, it holds a grip on our subconscious. But to be fair such moments are rather inconsequential in real life—they are ‘just’ random heart fluttering moments. They simply hold the potential of being something dramatic, something outside of the everyday, something interesting. Experienced only in individual capacity—all in our brains really—as real as imaginary. And so personal, so deeply personal.