• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 08

All the most beauteous things

the most fascinating
totally thrilling
utterly gobsmacking
unexpectedly wonderful
completely mysterious
things must be cramped under glass

So that they can
excite the viewer
repulse  disgust    titivate
mutter    worry    what is the world is coming to?
Discuss    dissect    examine    poke    prod
sample    frighten    arouse    forget

So that they can be    controlled    the idea
of such beasts running    free
such terror-strangelings ought to be
captured and    held
should learn to swallow freak show formaldehyde
be grateful that they are even kept

Should learn to be still for men’s eyes are not used
to women with teeth and fins
scales    tails    gills
to voices that can carry through the sea
Fit to be gawped    at    laughed    at
look at her    portioned off in her dome


All the most beauteous things

she is screaming    though we cannot hear
scratching at the weedy scraps of her hair
maybe covering her ears
her eyes are old abalone    her breasts    dried
There is a place in coffee shops for shapely legs
The bubble will swallow her dreams