• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 01

All that Sparkles is not Sin

I was able to hide it from my sister, but the cat knows my secret. My little sister didn't notice the golden hair clip that laid waiting for me in the grass by the lake where we do our washing. I washed the laundry with vigor that day, waiting for a private moment to investigate my found treasure.

The elders say it's a sin to be greedy; to want something no one else has or something we don't truly need. I grabbed the sparkling object from the grass without hesitation; with a greedy hand and a sinful heart. But now the cat knows. He silently watched me as I hid out behind the hay stack, placing the hair clip in my hair; first on the left side, then on the right. My sin is equal on all sides. I didn't take note of him until I turned around ready to head indoors.

He'll tell my ma and pa. I know that horrid cat will tell them somehow, not with words, but maybe a turn of his head, a pointing of his paw, a meow that seems unusual. I know he will. Didn't he tell my secret the first time the blood came upon me? Didn't he circle around my ankles over and over again and meowed so loud mama left her sewing to come over and see? Didn't he continue on until mama started questioning me until I told her about my bleeding? Why must our world be so colorless and plain? Why is it a sin to want something pretty that belongs to me alone? I must control my glances. I can't allow my sister to suspect that the cat knows my secret and is willing to tell.