• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 12

Aliens among the pure

Oh dear! How my masks topple onto another
Today I wear the one that pleases my homophobic neighbor
Tomorrow I don the heavy one; the one next to the tamed Muslim
No, no, the one behind the timid Asian pushover
The white one, yes that’s it, the one that pleases the country that deems my blood alien
Oh what am I, but an alien in an oh so familiar world
The burdens of my ancestors curve my spine
My color that of the very clay that gods dirty their pale hands in
My sexuality, a gateway to hell in countless unholy texts
My birth the outcry of a wishful abortion
Where do I carry my broken bones to bury without spilling my filth onto the righteous
Where do I finally lay, where does the waste finally flow
Give me a hole to crawl into, this alien shall smile as it decays
Oh so many masks to wear, another day is here, another smile to wear