• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 12

Alien Invasions

When first, we arrived,
we walked in tall, strong and proud,
Hard times spent in Wandsworth,
taught us well, the art and craft of cower,

On our second attempt,
we collected your plants and flowers,
Treasuring, what you’d had, while unchecked,
extinction's horseman, roamed the planet's earth,

More lately we’ve tried, really,
to be humorous, cute and funny,
Distracting your close inspections,
by speaking with a high pitched wheezy voice,

you’ll find us, in every shape, and every size,
We are furry, wrinkly, squeezy,
we are tall, short, fat,

Look heart to heart, and you’ll see,
that deep, deep, down inside,
We’re not much different,
from you, and you, and you,

All we seek is shelter,
friends, a fire, and food,
To give our children an education,
like you, and you, and you.