• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 11
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Ajar, Agape

In blotchy self-bleed scape surround,
glass foundlings jar, thingness to work,
bug buds for coins, snooker chalk,
words wrapped from chaos, tumble sings,
the febrile, boundless shapes that wring
communal bells, prize shared, win wings.

This salad plate, crashed then reboot,
drag, drop, compress, digit unpacked,
trap-door serpentine asteroid,
taut Ruskin, Hepworth, Oxford soak,
who dreamt this specie origin?

Of genii family but one,
as stopper torn, this Jinn escaped —
what installation may be boiled
between pen, cortex, bits and brush,
though tool-mix may unsable land;
Bregenz, Turin, the Europe tour,
Kunst without borders, broader line?

Two dials, sun rings, face orb eyes,
in foreground — I caught minnows, string —
perspective shift, fresh paradigm,
as Turner saw from Tateful days,
rash Temeraire, type, tugged to berth,
this midwife, forceps, Caesar lift.