• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 04
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Air Swimming

A fear of water will not deter me from swimming,
I just choose to swim in different media.
I swim in words, or music, or sunshine.
I swim enthusiastically indoors or out.
Today I choose to swim in air,
Coastal air more specifically.
Of course, I’m prepared for the cold
And wear my protective black leather.
I wear goggles to prevent the salty air from stinging my eyes.
A snorkel is optional, but a bold statement;
I decide to accessorise mine with driftwood.
People that pass are like little fish,
Wide eyed with curiosity, while keeping a safe distance.
My strokes are a stroll, a strut, or a dance,
Until I stop to rest by a promenade bench,
Floating in the low evening sun,
Feeling invigorated, and smug in my dryness.