• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 04
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Ain’t No Wall High Enough

I'm gonna build a twelve foot wall
around this here homestead – Mary Lou.
Ain’t no one gonna stop me.

I am sick and tired of those pesky
kids running through ma property.
Fetching their goddamned balls.

But they are only children Donald.
There’s no real harm in them.
A wall ain't the solution.

Don’t you contradict me wife.
I told you before – this is ma property.
My name is on them their deeds.

I own you as well so just
mind who you are a talking to.
Watch your language woman.

And listen up no pastor ain’t
gonna lecture me about
building bridges and not walls.

I’m a God fearing Christian.
I love ma Country and ma people.
But I will take a pitchfork to the rest.