• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 09
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Standing on the cliffs,
above a hissing sea,
Ailsa looked around,
looked down,
the seagulls shrieked.

She lost herself in the sea green glow,
broken shells in her hand
like broken dreams I know.
She covered her face,
lay down,
soul unbound.
With scruffy clothes and
without a penny,
blocking out hitch-hiker memories.

Ailsa, I have known you all along.
Ailsa, I heard you sing your song.
Ailsa, what did you do wrong?

She raced back down to the shore.
With her clothes still on,
she stormed in the chilly water.
Everything that happened to her,
every scream for help,
every tear,
vanished with all the echoes,
vanished from here.



Ailsa, please wait, please wait.
Sea water glistening in her hair.
Is it your fate?
Are you too late?
The spirits stare.
Swimming through a glass world,
ocean born you are.
On the back of a seal is a girl,
no such thing as too far.