• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 09
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I can see by your eyes your dislike for
the new mode
                       the fashion to show
nearly everything underneath surface skin

how such an approach reveals rough edges
a lack of fluidity
                           in the metal levers and cogs
that look as if they have been placed at random

all for the sake of appearances that argue
                  yet an inability to fall in love
though you seem to have the emotion to feel sadness

will you still pursue the wish to be human
or better than human
                                   without the power to fail
make the mistakes that make you really you

eschew a soft exterior as a statement and do not
like the result
                       so where will you go now
my lovely as your head is bowed in thought?

we could both pursue a real reality without shadows
without imagination
                                   we could run
away together and simply begin again on the moon