• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 12
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Alison opens one of the few boxes that survived the blaze. Stacks of old photographs, sogging wet. She’ll hang them on the washing line in an attempt to save them. She pulls out a picture. Stuart and her, around the time she expected him to pop the question. She remembers Jessie telling them to not look so bloody happy. Were they, though?

Jessica drums her fingers against the window. Ring, ring, ring.


‘Lovely to talk to you, too. So, the Lafontaine mansion burnt down last night? You on duty?’

Her brother grunts.

‘Take that as a yes. Is it salvageable? Will Alison sell this time?’


‘Come on, Stu. Revenge. Now’s your chance.’

Stuart’s rattled.

First the Lafontaine house, seeing Aly for the first time since. Course he knew she’d inherited the old pile. He hadn’t been back since her father’d threatened him, though. Break it off, or else. He did. Broke both their hearts, too. Aly still doesn’t know.

And now Jess with her property schemes. The house holds memories for her, too. He’s angry she even proposed it.

Aly needs to know. About threats past and present. Can’t be worse than walking into a blaze, can it?