• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 01
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Afterglows of Sentience

Air turbulence
As if all of this
Can ever materialize
Over and above a city
Like a haze forming
A smooth slash of an edifice
Of towering catacombs
Reaching up to the skies
From a reversal of fortune
To lay claim over the living
And stake a vigil around
The lost pleadings
Echoing inside the chambers
Of resonant disregard
That lie at the heart
Of this teeming enterprise
Which we live to revive
Offering our body parts
To an offal sacrifice
Inside an inferno that
Is perhaps sepia and perhaps technicolor
But hurriedly adjusting to the templates


Afterglows of Sentience

Of a good year
When the cloud shall compute
A virtual hell
Where the exhaust of data shall
Have us in its spell
To compel
An artificial intelligence
To be meaningful
Even as the vivid hyperloops
In turn escape and evade
The pursuing monsters of
Our daily information bread.