• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 03
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Aerodynamics of Meditation

Sanctuary of passion
Filial longing
Figure of speech
Clarity of thought
Vast sea
Glimpse of horizon
Ranch in action
A still animation
Anarchy of art
Monarchy of moment
Priestly levitation
Splendid navigation
Illusion of sun
Pinned to grey tapestry
Five figures emerging
Like dichotomy of truth

A cup of tea
A jump in sea
A gentle plea
A sudden glee


Aerodynamics of Meditation

Bereft of motion
Belonging to despair
Clinging to bygone
Clamoring for heir
Deft design of
Dry air
Elves flying
Figurines of myth
Fallen heroes
Giant rabbits with
Gift of gab
Harrowing tales of
Honest crab
Impeding reflection
Inching to depths
Jugular vein
Jocular man
Knowledge of rain
Kneeling in vain
Lampooning the dead
Lambasting crumbs of bread
Mesmerizing rumors
Merging meadows
Nascent fall
Nasty conclusions
Opera singer


Aerodynamics of Meditation

Ominous harbinger
Pluralistic measure
Postulating pleasure
Questioning faith
Quest of Space
Rustling souls
Roasted motivation
Saintly Senator
Sanskrit phrase
Tantrik tantrum
Tropical Trap
Umbilical deficit
Uncut Cord
Vestiges of self
Vertiginous pride
Wobbly conscience
Woolly garb
Xenophobic hospitality
Xeroxed by the time
Youthful ignorance
Yummy fates
Zero tolerance to
Zombie inmates