• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 12

Addled Riddles

The idea to not ask a riddle as soon as she was presented with a human, had not yet occurred to her.
Lady with the ‘L’, sat on her haunches with the primary focus of guarding her royalty. After all, she was one in a million.
Actually, the only one.
It so happened that on a day that was not as sunny as was expected, she decided to stretch her legs for a bit. A walk here and sight there. She slowly made herself up- licked her paws, broke the strain and clambered up to walk on the sands that slowly heating up.
Paw one, step ahead. Paw second, step further. Paw one again; a walk begun..alone,alone on a long vast land where shimmer met sun. This is lonely, she thought to herself. Very lonely.
Not that she hadn’t heard of tales of an oasis in the deserts, but what did she know. She spoke only in riddles!
Imagine then, to her surprise, there was one solitary speck moving at a pace slower than hers. Tiny, inconsequential speck, with a shadow longer than its caster- as perilously close it was to meet the mystical L, there was no measure to L’s own bubbling curiosity.
It settled down, abruptly. Aha, must pass through this ordeal.
The speck arrived, slowly and unsteadily. It was ambling along, leaving a trail of debris that indicated a long journey- alas, a debris that left no evidence, as it cruelly melted into its surroundings.
From where it comes, it goes.
The speck (which was a human) looked up at L. Bleary, red eyes looked at a creature with the head of a woman, body of a lion and the arms of a bird. Or so it thought.

Addled Riddles

Answer and pass.
To where?
Came the reply.
Across. Your strolling path, as it leads you. You answer my question, you do not get second chances, and I shall ask only one question. Answer this, and I shall let you pass.
The speck looked around the body. He could go around. But his mirage seemed to be a rather interesting ordeal.
He forced himself to nod. And happened to involuntarily smile.
L cleared her throat:
From where it comes, it goes.
The speck and L considered each other.
That is my answer. ‘Answer’.
L blinked. The sun was getting to her, surely. That was not the answer, but that was the answer.

She reluctantly stood up, to let him pass.
He firmly swayed on the spot, refusing to move.