• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 10
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Across Town

By yourself, carrying only what’s on your person? Sure, no problem. That scenario is a marathon: difficult but doable under the right circumstances. Anything more, and you start thinking about bringing water, something to eat, extra cash in a hidden pocket—it gets to be a lot.

Understand, nobody wants to stop in a shop while they’re pushing a lawn mower they borrowed from a cousin on the side of town with things like lawns and mulch and the like. It’s hard enough finding a bus that’ll take you back to somewhere near your neighborhood with your “luggage” that smells like gas and clippings.

You have to eat, though, right? Have to drink? You have to know it takes all day to get back and forth across town. There’s no tram, trolly or bus that’s going to get you right where you want to go, now is there?

No. You have to go all over that city to get from A to B. You end up using near the whole alphabet.

It’s hard enough as it is—and with a mower?