• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 08
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They find each other again amidst the solemn silences of lonely waiting rooms
Where the air of unspokenness has broken down the wall of time between them
All wounds ceremoniously stitched and healed with no trace of scar or incision
As their movements breathe a new skin of understanding

They find each other again in moments of habitual freedom
Short walks whose memories draw a protective spiral of trust around them
Age at once a miscalculation of time and space
As Winter seems content to propel them through

They find each other again through the vehicle of optimism
Powered by a reignited flame which runs on air and strength alone.
As she denounces pain behind a backdrop of apprehension

They find in each other again a new semantic for “love and in love”
As the egg timer exhales its last grain of sand
Two reflecting paradigms of unwavering defiance
Who find themselves again as one