• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 11
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Oh dark one!
I see shadows staring back
reflected in an ebony pond,
a black iris
smooth and shining.

Do we see differently?
Is your world in sepia,
or monochrome,
or techicolour?
Have you lost hope in humanity?

I stroll through the golden field,
seeded grass
swishes against skin.
You follow,
echoing my gait.

Under a shaft of sunlight
we stop – still.
our breathing
become synchronised.

Taste the mist of
our exhalation
merging in the stillness
of us
muzzles almost nuzzling.



But you are looking
down on me
and I wonder
if your power
will be my undoing.

I reach to touch your cheek.
The spell is broken
you rear up whinnying;
gallop off like a thunderbolt
leaving me in a cloud of humility.