• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 08

About Being Together

Sunlight, beaches, and sea waves,
Darling, you remind me of all of them.
The porous foam, and the sweet-scented breeze,
The moon and the silver beam,
An exquisite symphony of being together heroines of each others' lives.

Mulberry leaves and soothing tunes of hum,
An olive bird in a nest with her starlings.
Sparrows... chatting...
The love between us as pure as their dulcet chirps.
The sky opens its magnanimous wings to us
As we hold our hands,
And nature florets in its best form
As we step together and osculate.

It drizzles
     -walks in slow motions, stops, enjoys the petrichor...

A bud matures and
Flowers turn into a beautiful blossom.
Vast Meadows welcome us to their heaven.
And we are the zephyr in collision
     setting our coral hearts together
     in this world of hazy errand.