• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 06
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A yellow wormy squirmy spotty little bug

But what is this! Exclaimed Arthur, standing close behind me.
Why it’s a bug! I shouted back.
A yellow wormy squirmy spotty little bug that can fit snuggly in the palm of my hand.
What kind of bug is it? Arthur asked, his large brown furry hands rubbing together, running his magenta tongue over his pincer teeth.
Stop it, Arthur! I complained, whirling around to face him.
You promised you wouldn’t eat another one! Jude shouted at Arthur from beside me, his cheeks glowing red around the cluster of freckles dusting his face.
I’m sorry my friends, but one surely couldn’t hurt … Arthur trailed off, inching closer and closer to the yellow worm-like bug.
No! We shouted, but it was to no avail – with a great sweep of his enormous furry arms, matted with leaves and gravel, he knocked us aside, and stuck his snout into the dirt, woofing up the yellow wormy squirmy spotty little bug in one titanic bite.
Arthur! Jude and I shouted. You promised!
I’m sorry my young friends, I simply couldn’t resist! Arthur had a yellow pasty goo smeared around his nose.
I rubbed my elbows, and brushed the dirt off of my cyan jumper. You’re useless Arthur!

We forged on then, and I held tightly onto the straps of my golden backpack, keeping my friends safe inside.
My black magnifying glass grew sweaty in my palm, and my stomach somersaulted. A large groaning, bubbling, squelching noise echoed from behind me. Arthur was doubled over on the grass, clutching at his large brown bear belly.


A yellow wormy squirmy spotty little bug

My little friends, I’m having the most peculiar pains in my middle!
I looked at Jude beside me, and we gasped in unison.
It’s the yellow wormy squirmy spotty little bug! Jude thrust a bony finger towards Arthur’s small black belly button, as a slimy yellow shape was beginning to emerge from within.
Arthur screamed in alarm and pain, his snout open wider than I thought possible.
The yellow wormy squirmy spotty little bug pushed itself slowly from the belly button in a puddle of translucent goo, and slowly dropped onto the dirt with a dull thud.
It had two small blue eyes and a downturned mouth. The yellow wormy squirmy spotty little bug lifted its mottled head and closed its eyes.

Little by little, a small but very clear voice made itself heard: My yellow wormy squirmy spotty little bug body doesn’t like being eaten and your tummy is quite tumultuous. Release my friends from your golden prison, they cannot breathe!

The yellow wormy squirmy spotty little bug limped away into the bushes as Jude, Arthur, and I looked at each other in disbelief. With careful hands, I emptied out my golden backpack. Three caterpillars, two stag beetles, thirty-two ants, one grasshopper, five ladybugs, two dragonflies, and one honeybee marched, hopped, danced, and buzzed in single file out into the world, breathing life back into the bright blue sky once more. My stomach stopped its somersaulting at once.