• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 09
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A white woman asks herself if she is the one

who decides your worth
who chooses the distance of your journey
who puts up a fence saying, "you cannot leave"
who imprisons you
who says you are not prepared yet, or ever
who declares the value of your day spent
who gives permission
who dictates the power
who is brave enough for vulnerability
who is willing to see you
who keeps you in a box
who labels you unworthy
who refuses to feel what is truth
who pushes away the body of pain
who wishes to believe that the cycle is over
who forges ahead limping with determined discipline
who doesn't want to go back, and will not
who fights the next step forward after choosing the path
who accepts what doesn't want to be accepted
who will face fear
who will lead
who will trust in following the leaders
who will be compassionately bold for all that is and isn't
who will accept responsibility for what you have lived
who will risk believing that it could be different
who will lay down herself as a carpet for the future
who will take a chance and let love in
who will try, try again