• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 10

A waiting room

The night is full of dreams.
It is a long rickety bridge
built on the timber of hope
leading you up to
the land of morning
from the shore of today.
If you jump off and swim this
dark water will you get there
earlier or get caught in
a riptide and never reach?
A dream is a kind of waiting.
You sit under the shaft
of moonlight ruminating,
you sift through the pages
of an old magazine
even read it from cover to cover
until the day arrives.
You bide your time then
you shut the book
hit the other coast
dig your heels in its sand.
Waiting room is a passage
between the wanting
and the getting.


A waiting room

So you leave the room
a victor,
walk out of the dream,
into realization,
never looking back.
but remember always
do not blow up
this bridge.