• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 12
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a starry-eyed dalliance

silhouette — eyes draped
to forget the view of
                               that touch,

stars wave their flesh,
hang together in
an unreliable

of what it was, in its night-
time sagacity —

                      the landmark of my body
                      rose and fell, began so to come
                      to an end,

                      every breath became star-dust,
                      haloed in the light of its own
                      remembrance —

can i be trusted with the s-shaped
curves of that juncture?—

         a rendezvous
         of halved lusts – biting, igniting,
         believing – of a brazen luck,
         or a chance companionship
         or a calcifying causality
         of a lost need for love —


a starry-eyed dalliance

                      broken beds, filigreed facts,
                      in the topsy-turvy, much-forgotten
                      tremors of a memory,

with hidden traces of what remained
and has to be returned.