• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 03
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A Soft Embrace

Suddenly I was enveloped,
completely surrounded.
The cloud came from nowhere,
literally fell from the sky.
It was warm and soft inside
somehow comforting.
I was not afraid.
A soft embrace
Completely hidden,
I froze motionless and confused,
wondering what to do next.
Would the cloud melt away and disperse
Or would it cling to me and I would be
unable to break free?
Time stood still in my
blue haze of cotton wool softness.
I was blind,
but so peaceful inside
snug and secure.
Protected from the cruel world.
I wanted to stay.
But I knew it wouldn't last.
The blue cloud would disperse,
It would melt away.
The soft billowy cotton wool haven
would leave me.


A Soft Embrace

But I would always remember how
it made me feel and somehow
I felt strengthened.
Able to face up to the harsh world of reality,
with new strength.
And renewed vision.