• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 05

A Silent Revolution

Have you ever heard of a hummingbird?
an incessant fluttering of those wings
working tirelessly for their sustenance
a drop of nectar and more—
something to quench the thirst of a red-throated
that can flicker wings to an unimaginable speed of 80 flickers per second

sometimes, silence screams the loudest—
as the spring arrives breaking hard pointy
sharp ends of that stubborn ice
jutting, melting everything in this way
breaking open the ice slabs so the river can dance again with complete abandon
sometimes nature teaches us resilience and strength in her own ways

sometimes the silence of a hummingbird
as it sucks the next drop of sustenance through her long-bill
without so much of making a whisper and hush
teaches us that not all the revolutions are loud and boisterous
not all battles are won on the frontlines
not  every struggle is a struggle of life and death

sometimes we die slowly getting caught
in our own juxtaposition of emotions
 trying to fly high in a world mapped and charted by hands
that don't belong to us


A Silent Revolution

sometimes power comes from the relentless fluttering of wings
against the turbulent power of wind
proving its omnipresence
sometimes you strive through the life
slurping and sucking drops of nectar
thought the tall stalks of Foxgloves
slowly and surely—
as they stand mighty tall under the bright blue skies.