• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 08

A Royal and Ancient Welcome

Tremulous I walked through the door,
Quivering and bowing low, before
Three stern faces, frowning down,
Prostrate upon the ground, I, submissive
Rolled, to leave my belly bare.
A paw gently touched my face,
Stand little one it purred,
Stand, be counted among the proud,
Your a cat, feline, your someone,
You never bow low or down.

Welcome to our honourable estate,
The Royal and Ancient Felidae Club,
Established long before Whites,
Here awaits companionship,
Warmth, friendship, kinship if you will,
Among the Noble Host of felines,
Just like you.

Here, a place for you will be found,
Here, you’ll grow in stature,
Here, you’ll bloom, so
Toss your ragged sack aside,
Begging has no need within,
Preen yourself until you gleam,
Do not give way to awe,
Remember, among us
You are a Queen.