• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 05

A Roving Fabrication Specialist.

Dog stumbled into the frame. Inebriated Lobster
recumbent in his bunker, was sitting out his days
waiting to have 'Proof of Life' stamped on his
masterly back.

With clumsy claws he proceeded to hack and chop
until Dog appeared suitably robed up then he raised
his tippled eyes from his plate slowly revealing a rictus grin
cemented with ricotta and a fashion flare of spinach.
Lurking Lord Monkey heard a Lion roar.

Lion went forth, his new papers in his bag for life.
Snow falls deep and the Thames freezes over, a banana
is a gift from the gods.

The warm Windrushed in new blood, the moon hot peddled
it's cycle and the soil welcomed in avocados and sugar cane
in South London.

Lording it up,  Reforming:
Fruit rots in the fields.
Empty shelves,  Empty trays,  Empty bellies.

Lion returned to the Banquet, bottled suitcases marked
...Welcome...  Come Dine
For the good of the Party.