• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 08

A Revolution is Coming

Oh, what end has befallen us all
Unspeakable evil that dwells but not in flesh
Pollutes our minds, desecrates our souls
Makes our hearts unreasonably hard

The truth that is seen but not acknowledged
Hushed beneath the carpet of rhetoric
Metaphors that have no meaning
Except the grotesqueness that
Only an unimaginable evil can design

Soaked in blood, the bloodied wounds
Lusts more for keepsakes
A meter forth
Strewn limbs pine for their halves
While the canvasses of blood
Wait for tears of hearts
To render them white again

To the Unicorns of peace
To Angels of Love
For the world is a cold, dark place without Love
And Love is where all happiness lies
As a Mermaid would lovingly testify