• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 07
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A Repurposed Spaces

An artist has staked their claim
In this corner.

A photographer captures a glimpse of
their microcosm.

The artist paints plants and a primordial bug on an
abandoned wall.

The artist repurposes abandoned
crates, tarp, and tire to make compost.

A photographer captures
the tarp and tire waiting
to cover the compost
to trap nitrogen, carbon, air, and water.

Microorganisms feed on nitrogen, carbon, air, and water to
compost organic waste
into living soil.

The artist tends the compost and exhales
carbon dioxide.

The soil feeds plants.

The sun shines on the plants.
The plant captures sunlight and
breathes in carbon dioxide to make leaves, stalk, and berries.
The plant excretes oxygen.

The artist breathes in the oxygen.
The artist eats some leaves and berries, leaves some
for the plant and birds. Any waste goes into the composts
crates to start the cycle all over again.