• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 03

A Possible Warning

Here is something quite apart
from just a work of Art.
This is no Van Gogh’s
painting of a Starry Night
and you are right it’s not Constable’s
study of the overcrowds of Clouds.
Nor a Turner’s Northumberland
dawn dawning.

Here it seems there is a sense
of something swirling, whirling, warning.
Here is born at best, a soft
unseemly quietness.
There is a too natural blue sky,
with almost beyond sight
three flickers of white.

Inevitably eyes lower
to a cauldron red,
whose purpose is to contain
sandwich like
the sun’s flowing gold.

Uncontrolled we lower still
and ourselves will
to the normal sea.
A sea that calms all,
how could that be?
As a fence or defence
has been broken.


A Possible Warning

What can that mean
have things been taken as a token
whilst the white specs
leave the scene?

Or am I wrong?
Is this the sign of
Nature’s destiny for our world?

Are we all to burn
because we have failed to learn
to live with Nature?

Will there be another feature,
shall we be replaced
by another creature?

Is this a warning
of our Sun’s part
in Climate Warming?

Well wrong or right
the painting still remains
a colourful sight.