• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 04
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A Mysterious Maple

A tiny, tiny green maple sapling
I was; powers so cumbersome,
the naive comfort of the king,
Only if I knew what had to come.

I laughed and danced and sang,
blooming maple flowers of hope
Sunned with eternal joy,
Rolling down the wood aslope.

Bad days didn't exist
for I did not get glum,
Soaring through cloud nine
Only if I knew what had to come.

But then, it all rained down on me
It thundered down from the cloud
As tragic as one could be
I was no longer proud.

The wrath flamed inside me.
Walking painfully on the dry white snow.
That unmatchable spree of fury.
I wouldn't give up in the winds of woe.

I had to pick myself up, didn't let it show,
faced those hindrances as I groped;
I knew I had to go;
that eternal perseverant hope.

That is when It dawned on me
I contemplated those ups and downs-


A Mysterious Maple

that was life, and I had to live it with glee.
It came back: the maple, the joy and the crowns.

The unwavering mind, the unswerving will,
Held out the strings of joy and I strum,
Would never give up on the arid anvil
Only if I knew what had to come.