• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 03
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A Moment Of Freedom

In that moment, when all the weight of the world is lifted. Just for that one moment, whether one be a child or a grown up. Just to forget everything for that one moment, forget all the troubles of the world. To be free and to simply live, to either just take a dip in the cool untamable sea or just to enjoy the sunset.
Take a picture and immortalize that single moment. That moment when you truly enjoy the joy of being alive or just to witness it… just witness how beautiful life could be. How the world will always be there, filled with beauty. With sanctuary, with paradise, with escape. So just paused for that one minute, that one second, that one moment, to relief that back that has been bearing the weight of life. Remember, looking out into that horizon. As the land slowly darkens and the setting suns orange tendrils recede as if pulled by the setting sun. Filled those lungs with the smell of the salty seas and listen. Listen not just to the songs and lullaby of nature. But also listen to the talk and laughter of others.
Do not envy, but strive for that same happiness. Even if for a moment, a minute, or even a second. For a second of relieve is still… Relieve for those tensed and weary back tired and strain from life.