• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 06

A Mind of Science

What if small things
really aren't small
questioned the (mad) scientist
as he aimed his shrink ray
haphazardly, wild hair obscuring his vision

Wait, why are the clouds at the bottom
but they are labeled at the top?
Hold my (non-alcoholic) beer while
I light this tardigrade up
Whoops, it was set to blow,
not suck, and that cute
little tardigrade is
now the size of a house

and not so cute either
to be honest.
You shouldn't science while drunk
the lab manager screamed,
I assume because he didn't realize
that the beer was non-alcoholic

Which I pointed out while the
super-sized (super saiyan?!) bug
thing, I don't even know what it is, really,
rears its head and just basically,
ya know, destroys shit


A Mind of Science

But that's science for you,
the way you feel when
you see the word nacreous
or things you think are fairies

but turn out to have a rational
explanation because, duh,
scientists know that fairies don't exist
unless maybe they do,
someone get me a grant!