• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 09
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A Mask of Faith

To be blind to the world,
a blessing or a curse.
To see to perceive the workings of it,
what do we know?

To see all,
the day the night and the between.
To judge with one's eyes,
to learn to feel to understand.

Our world is not flat,
nor is it round,
it is layered liked a cake,
with frosting and all.

To be ignorant, to be aware,
To be lead by a shepherd
false or true.
Which path to take?

With eyes closed or blocked,
by leap of faith,
or blind loyalty.

To live life as it is,
given to us
with a nice coating of cream and sugar
or do we look deeper.


A Mask of Faith

Do we take away the cloth,
see for our self,
judge without prejudice,
to see the lie and the truth
for what they are.


Do we just,
walk blindly, with that cloth upon our eyes.
believing each step is sound and true
guided by blind faith,

To go with or without a cloth,
has always been
our choice