• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 12
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A Love Letter

This is for every one of you, I make no exceptions. But will you pay attention? Will you think about me when I make a small gesture like this? When I’m not whipping up winds to send you hurricanes? When I’m not making the seas surge to send you tsunamis? When I’m not so enraged I have to send you an earthquake?

It’s a treasured memory, this postcard I've sent you. It comes from a time when a man was thinking about life on other planets and that got him thinking about life on earth. Lying there on his earth-round earth-coloured towel, he realised that every living thing depends on every other living thing. He came up with a theory (which many of you still disagree with) but he hasn’t stopped working and he’s been broadcasting on my behalf. But his theory doesn’t conform to any known mathematical theory so it’s easy for you to dismiss. But he never stops, this man. He was born in 1919 and he’s still going, because I need him. Because you won’t pay attention.

You get and you keep and you love (each other but not me) and you sleep. You see and you hear so very little else. But, just eleven of your years ago, this man warned you that I will take my revenge if you don’t stop damaging the place you call home. He warned you that I won’t be able to continue my balancing act on your behalf. So stare at my postcard, look into that clear blue-green sea, stare down at the man on that clean beach and think about me, my dears.

With love, Gaia