• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 12
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A Little Longer

Aurora whimsically untouchable
as she dances across that starry backdrop.
Eyes like the coming winter, with hair bleach blonde
like a fairy from tales of old.
Dressed in cloth emerald green and violet bright
that changes and swirls with the wind,
with an overcoat of starry light and darkest night.
She shines beautiful and everlasting.

To gaze upon you as I wander
a wish I hold dear.
Every time I gaze upon that starry backdrop,
bordered by sheer cliffs of smooth earth,
trees tall and ancient and wise,
on a field of flowers moving in the wind.
To gaze upon you
in Norway or as you travel
a wish.

Dance before that backdrop
a little longer, for all to witness.
Do not diminish yet
for even if I never gaze upon you,
we all live below the same sky
humbled by its size.
Let others appreciate you
a little longer
before we all fadeā€¦