• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 02
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A Lightning Spark Touch

The clouds hang like stars in the sky—
white celestial beings hovering.
A row of milky sustenance—
your liquid light stands sentry.

Plastic outlines house so much.
Twist the top, turn it
round and round.
We spin towards what we cannot see.
The gravitational pull of fulfillment
and forever.

We all fall down.
White pins in a bowling alley.
It is predictable—
With eyes blind to how high the wall is,
how far the door is,
how deep the mud is—
we link arms to form a garland chain
of purpose.
See how strong we are.
See how our feet touch,
our shoulders touch,
our souls touch.
This you cannot break, tether,
or contain.


A Lightning Spark Touch

This unity and fellowship
knows no bounds.
It is the shape of sound waves—
a lightning spark scarf
encompassing the globe.