• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 11

A Light-Bulb Moment

The boy is ready.
he has waited all his life

for this moment.

He looks at the man on the boat
and stares with recognition.

His followers are present,
talking in hushed tones.
Their impoverished lives cling like barnacles.

The boy is watching.
He has listened all his life

to others who have everything.

He feels the bucket in his hand
waiting to be replenished.

His followers are patient,
whispering behind hands
calloused with indignities.

The boy is changing silently.
In a moment of transformation.

The shining words lay fermenting in his bucket.

His feet pound the shingle,
while the minimal waves anoint his feet.

The followers turn their heads and
watch a young boy.
Leave his childhood behind and go on – To Lead.