• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 03

A lady and her lover dream

In a dream
of silken sheets
                                caparison drapes a
                                destrier his face a gold
                                mask horse-sweat
of sultry
                                before the glorious
                                day of pennants flying
in a wind of
langorous longings
above the swan-lake
                                 and lances raised
                                 saluting white faces
                                 favours waving
I lie beneath a
canopy and think
of you
                                hoping in victory
                                no wealth no
                                sentiment can ever
                                match the thrill
of our sweet love
                                and I ask for
                                nothing more


A lady and her lover dream

this baldaquin
of broidered
cloth of gold will be
                               our overarching sky
                               fiery fierce I’ll rise
as all the perfumes
of Arabia rise from
cinnamon ashes
                                as the Phoenix
                                firebird. Eternal.