• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 03
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A Hundred Year Project

(Extract of translation of the alien document found at the installation)

To: The Commander in Chief
Project: Planet Earth

After research, and several mind probes, the scientists concluded that the installation be blue because it inspired serenity thus lulling the population into a false sense of security. As the colour reflected the sky and the oceans, the sub conscious emotional attachment cannot be over stated.

Under cover of darkness and with a laser screen, the installation was placed in a public highway, visible to high number of foot traffic over the course of the month. Various artefacts were sited, chosen to complement the emotional response, such as the barley twist cornucopia you will notice from the image attached. (During interrogations, this piece was also identified as the flame of liberty. I believe it refers to a monument significant to North America). A dressing of autumn leaves added to the attractant symbolism.

The conclusion is that the Earth inhabitants won’t take action, and when they do it will be too late sufficient gas will be forced into the air.

The time lapse image shows the release of the blue gas on day one. The gas activates and expands once it reaches twenty miles above sea level. The native life span is short, so the Earth population changes every 100 years. On our return the population will be non-existent, and the planet ours.

Sir, the document continues and is attached. We have 100 years to identify the gas and neutralise it. The referred artefacts are at the research facility, and subject to testing. At present we have no way of knowing how the gas effects our population, or how many are affected. Early reports indicate increased deaths in certain global areas.

Submitted for immediate action.