• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 08


I remain aligned with a heart and soul of pure thoughts and dreams –
or so I like to think
a walking-around masquerade
in search of some senseless (online) escapade –
that no one owes me
and am I not a caged animal
Orwellian being of some sort –
in my smallholding of adopted behaviours and reveries –
seeking for justice
that I may or may not find on the streets
if things aren’t meant to change, at any rate
and what’s my revolution even made of –
just of some buzzwords to keep me relevant
make me feel like I belong
as I’m sitting on the couch
living the dog life I so adore
(well, nothing against the friendly canines, I say, anyway –)
wishing deep down I was a free bird
a Hemingway hero instead
or at least an independent cat
that challenges the system of norms
in my head there’s loud, there’s dark
I try to believe in the bigger cause
as I’m putting my frozen meal in the oven
eating dinner while watching the news
abstract advice I read on a magazine
eat your vegetables, stay hydrated,
and breathe.
But he couldn’t.