• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 02
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A Fairy Story

Once upon a time,
Before plastic bottles and synthetic clouds,
There was a world where people reused anything and everything,
Nothing was wasted,
The word ‘rubbish’ didn’t exist, because there wasn’t any,
And no one had heard the word ‘smog’,
The sun and the wind were used to dry people’s hair and clothes,
Drinks didn’t come in cans,
Vegetables came encrusted in the soil they’d been nourished in,
Anything that was broken was repaired,
Most people shared what they could,
But there were some who were selfish, mean and wanted more,
More things that made then feel ‘good’, worthwhile and better than anyone else.
They wanted sparkly things and plastic flowers perfumed with chemical scents.
And so today, dear children, we can only hope that before the end of our story we will have the chance to use our own magic hands and minds to make amends.