• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 06

A Dream of Diatoms

The invisible ethereal made real through microscope
An eclectic collection of gossamer engineering
Diaphanous renditions of -
Wheels and springs and rods and couplings

Each so elaborate and yet barely there
Our naked eyes will never see them
These tiny lives held captive-
By the meniscus of a pregnant water drop

Good evidence of the inexhaustible geometry
Of nature’s creativity
Our scientists show them and explain
But still I struggle to believe

May we not dream-
Of another universe within our world?
A minute, multi-populus other-world?
Where the strange sea creatures we used to know –
And added to our maps, live on?
Where the faeries we once were sure we’d glimpsed –
And pictured in our childhood tales, hold sway?

Why must science endeavour to explain all?
Allow a dream of diatoms instead.