• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 04
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A Dream Is a Gesture Towards Hope

To dream wide-eyed
as if merely gazing at the unknown
will make them come true.
The cerulean kindness of the skies
making little swirls in our eyes,
as we long to touch its blue kindness
As I take a deep look and try to take in
the beauty of everything around me
deeply steeped in my pores—
Slowly making its way to my soul
as the dance of the golden monarchs
fluttering around me,
weaves a dance of symphony
in the timid moments of our life.
Look far and beyond:
and we still can catch the glimpse of our future
that is neatly tucked for us,
birthing between the spaces of your breaths
as we gently lean into each other loneliness.
We dream a dream together—
A dream is a gesture towards hope, they say
and we carry the filigree ends of our desires
birthing at the jagged ends of our mouth.
Our mouth, An opening for a sin.


A Dream Is a Gesture Towards Hope

Avarice that rises with every heaving
of your sweat laced bosom
as we both lie down in the tall grass
whitened by the heat of the summer sun,
covered generously by the gilded angels.
As they seamlessly weave a tapestry of fluttering desires
birthing at the end of my mouth
and you shyly observe it
shifting a little closer
erasing the sliver of loneliness that surrounds us.
Every single time.