• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 05

A Discussion Between Experts

Edith searches for a pear. The pear. Because that’s her favourite fruit.

Edna doesn’t search for a pear. The pear. Because she wants to prove that what’s not visible can still exist.

Erica searches for a pear. The pear. In white pouches, behind sharp claws, she rummages in the dark. There are no pears, so she paints one and the creator shakes, rattles and rolls the room. Chinese platters take a dive. Wicker narrowly misses pup, and plump plums take a bow. Erica believes in changing the canvas. She lifts her chin and defies Mr. van Utrecht.

Edna and Erica state, in arms akimbo, that even if Edith had discovered a green pear, she would have said—they’re willing to place bets—it’s not my favourite fruit anyway. I don’t care. Edna and Erica add that some people—not mentioning any names—focus on what’s missing, knowing it’s missing, never full despite abundance.

Applause from the cloud-filled sky.

Erica shuffles next to Edith and suddenly they're best friends forever. They exhort the virtues of concrete. Visibility equals proof of existence.

Thunder, lightning, dark backgrounds, trees, curtains, laundry trying to dry, freeze.


A Discussion Between Experts

Edna shapes her mouth into an oval like the egg she can imagine but is invisible. Hogwash! Who’s to say this painting isn’t a triptych. Left panel behind the closed doors. Cactus pad platters carrying prickly pears in hues of green, red and purple. Right panel in a studio over the hills where white-throat warblers swing on monkey bars or vine shoots. There could be a pheasant with orange rind falling gracefully like Renaissance curls.

April showers and winking creators.

Edna quits explorations, extrapolations, Edith and Erica.