• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 09
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This morning, I was live at the scene of another Carnage.
I stood with misty eyes,
Trying both to remember & to forget.
I tried to remember who we were before earth was confined to this wheelchair
& I tried to forget all the noise that has relocated from the now dead streets
Into my head.

Where do we go from here?
Where else can we safely call home?
For Mother Earth's now too ill
And has given us all eviction notice
Cos she just mightn't house us all anymore.

Does she undergo ecdysis as some claim?
Is it an evolution & a prelude to a fresh start – a beautiful, stronger, new earth as others ascertain?
Is the Earth truly broken beyond repair?
Will she soonest, fall into forever's sleep as many feared?

Yesterday the statistics showed a hundred scores
Today the figures have tripled
We've now gone from numbering our dead
To counting those that are left.
So if my neighbor greets me 'good mourning'
I'll ask him 'how many have you got left?'

With humanity pinned to an abrupt pause,
And hope still under quarantine,
Fathers began scrawling their wills
And every son began aborting his dreams.



Every thing that once matter, mattered no more
For the pandemic taught us that all men are equal

They told us to prepare for death
For we all are on an endless queue evacuating the Earth
They said our foes could pick anyone from anywhere on the queue
So nobody knows who is next
Well, since I haven't died before,
I'm almost convinced there could be no death worse than this.