• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 02
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A Dangerous Road

One day, a little girl met a demon-man on the road
He had a great beard, and a crimson-red robe.
In fear she cried,
And tried to hide
But the roadside was barren.

The demon-man, seeing her face
Bent down and jested:
“Have no fear, little one.
I only eat man
Thrice-cooked in a pan
And served on a warm, tasty bun!”

But still the girl cried
The wind blew, and she shivered.
The demon-man swooped low,
And picked her up in his arms.
“We’ll soon get you home, girl
Just point me the way.
You must be so tired
From walking all day!”
As the girl pointed, she quivered.

So, off the two set - one of Hell, one of Heaven
And all eve they walked, ‘til the clocks struck eleven.
The parents, concerned for their child, stayed up late
And they cried out in joy when she came through the gate
Sound asleep in the demon-man’s arms.


A Dangerous Road

As he left, the demon-man wished them the best.
Food, gifts and profuse thanks were all pressed to his breast
But he refused with a gallant vigour.
He touched their gate, their homestead now blessed
“May she never meet worse than me on the road,”
He said, with a puff of his chest.

As the girl grew up, there was one day
She knew she’d remember the most
As she gazed out the window at the chipped old gatepost:
Her journey with Zhong Kui, the King of the Ghosts.