• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 06
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A Curation Myth

Before he made the world, the Great Curator whittled
boomerangs and played a game that he'd created called
'Oi come back to me' and had the greatest of fun until

he had thrown all his boomerangs so many times and so
many times they had returned, that he no longer liked to play.
The great creator was bored. Yes. Indeed.
                                                                The Great Curator
was so bored, he decided to create a Universe into which
he placed a spinning top he called Earth. He was so pleased.
He filled Earth with grass and trees and elephants and mice

and all the animals you could imagine, even fish which he
dropped into the waters that flooded parts of Earth    but
there was something missing so he created children

children with straight hair, curly hair and freckles ... but
there was still something missing    so he threw all
the boomerangs he could find    and each boomerang

found a place in the face of every animal and every child.
The Great Curator called his boomerangs 'smiles'.