• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 09
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A Cracked deliverance

Deepest mahogany hue
Beachwood honed by blue waters
We are rooted from the same tree
Our culture stolen by darkness of snow
While assimilation is required
for docile invisibility
Unhidden intelligence endangers facade
No assembly desired
Lest a unity is woven
Into fabric of discovery
Knowledge is power
Best continue splitting manipulation
Mental consequence
for stepping out of line
Without permission
Or wanting to define
Your place
In the human race
With no benefit of recompense
from their harvest
No coincidence
the evidence
we are lulled to sleep
by the reality show...ing us
as pre...scribed


A Cracked deliverance

Singing a siren’s song
luring us
to trust
its melody
we become debris
washed ashore
how we got there