• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 05

A Common Courtship

You hover over me, and you
wonder what I must be like, nervous
energy abuzz, almost palpable.

I see you and sway with hope. A hum
of excitement winds its way up to my
ears. How will this song and dance begin?

I can tell you right now,
there’s no sweet nectar here for you,
no flower for you to suck dry.

I’ve fed the spirits of too many men,
nurtured too many blossoms,
admired too many blooms.

Lingering, you consider how to tame me,
but when you zigged, I zagged,
and off you flew.

In half an instant, you’ve decided
something. (You sure do move quick.)
You’ll fill your belly elsewhere.

So, I’ll tend to my own roots, and I’ll
spread my own seed. I can’t be contained.
Of my magic, you’re undeserving.